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to genealogical research on

(about 1745 - about 1799) and Mary [UNKNOWN] EDGAR (about 1750 - before 1805),

their ancestors and descendants.

Current lore indicates Adam and Mary were born in PENNSYLVANIA and migrated to SOUTH CAROLINA as part of a larger

migration that populated the "backcountry of the Southern United Sates."

They had three boys and two girls who grew to adulthood -- William, Margaret, John, Abigail, and James.

Their descendants have taken the family tree to ILLINOIS, KANSAS, MISSOURI, TENNESSEE, TEXAS, OHIO, CALIFORNIA,

and back to PENNSYLVANIA.

After visiting these summary webpages, peruse the Family Tree Database for details and dates, photos and photo galleries,

histories and photo histories, timelines, reports, documents, sources, and much more about families and individuals in our

family tree.

Stone Collectors

For decades, there have been many Adam EDGAR genealogists -- some whose research has been "published" and shared

and, regrettably, some whose paper research had been lost in attics and basements. The main purpose of this website is to

gather, consolidate, and share research on Adam EDGAR's family tree.

Current researchers include the following:

William EDGAR Branch

Loretta EDGAR EMBRY [S269]

Norman E. MAXWELL's research at, maxwell family tree [S270]

Robert COPELAND [S279]

Margaret EDGAR Branch

Samuel G.HARROD IV's research at, Harrod-Stevenson-Hedden-Piper [S272]

Larry Kloth's research at, Kloth, Schaeffer and Related Families [S576]

James EDGAR Branch

Robert Merritte WEBB, a 3G Grandson of James and Selah through their son Arthur,

is the major researcher of this branch of the Edgar Family Tree.

His research is documented at James EDGAR and Selah WITHERINGTON EDGAR Family Tree.

Martha MOORE, PARKER Genealogy Research Book, major names: PARKER, EDGAR, KELLETT

Martha Washington WOLLARD EDGAR and Mary Susan Margareth NYEGAARD EDGAR, Joshua EDGAR Family Bible

Descendants of William James Darden “Darden” EDGAR and Mary Susan Margareth NYEGAARD

• Doris McCUNN, Descendants of Paulina I EDGAR [S70],  major names: EDGAR

Tina POPE, Descendants of Jesse J. MAYS [S52],  major names: MAYS

• Lindsay THOMAS, Descendants of Thomas SMITH [S44], major names: MAYS, SMITH

Kelley INGLE PATERNO,  Descendants of  Benjamin Franklin MORGAN [S54], major names: EDGAR

• David THRP, Descendants & Ancestors of Amanda THARP [S46], major names: THARP

Martha Ray BOOTHE MARANDA, Descandents of Joshua N. EDGAR and Martha Washington WOLLARD [S84],

major names: EDGAR

• Joyce MANNING, major names: BROWN, MCMANUS

• Jeanne WAGENER LUERSEN [S91], major names: EDGAR, BROWN, BOOTHE

We encourage you to continue their efforts by helping us grow our family tree. Contribute data, stories, photos,

documents - every stone is welcomed and appreciated. If you have additions, corrections, or deletions, we welcome your

contact. If you discover or are nurturing family trees adjunct to ours, please let us link e-trees.

Notes of Convention

• [Brackets] indicate editorial content or comment inserted into a quoted source that are not part of the original quote.

• Surnames are CAPITALIZED.

• Nicknames are in "quotation marks."

• Although this website uses the date form "day2 month3 year4" (example 01 Jan 2007,) for intercultural, international, and

temporal clarity, most of the grave stones, obituaries, and other official and unofficial records document dates in the form

"month date, year."

Privacy and Politeness

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