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Margaret Jane "Polly" EDGAR LITTLE (Family Tree Database)

(About 1775 – Between 1850/1860).

All genelogy research identifes Adam's and Mary's second child who grew to adulthood, as Margaret; unfortunately, none of

these researchers have shared their sources. [See Sources in the Family Tree Database.]  In the 1850 Census for Randolph

Co, ILLINOIS, Margaret was enumerated as Jane LITTLE, probably because her youngest daughter was recorded as

Margaret LITTLE. The genealogy research of Mrs. Frank S. (Ada AULD) TORRENS and her daughter, Louise M. TORRENS,

indicate in their 1956 "Family Genealogies of Sparta, Illinois," [S287] “She was sometimes - called "Polly" Little."

The only documented source for Margaret's date and place of birth is the 1850 Census for Randolph Co, ILLINOIS; it

enumerates Margaret as "Jane Little, age 75 [about 1775], Female, Place of Birth Pennsylvania."

Margaret married Samuel LITTLE about 1798, probably in Chester County, SOUTH CAROLINA.  She and Samuel and their

family members relocated to middle TENNESSEE about 1809 and then to southern ILLINOIS about 1818.

• "... Samuel Little, who had married Margaret

• "She was sometimes called "Polly" Little." [TDE 1959] Family Genealogies of Sparta, Illinois

by Mrs. Frank S. [Ada AULD] TORRENS and her daughter, Louise M. TORRENS [S287]

In the 1820 Census, Margaret EDGAR LITTLE, husband Samuel LITTLE and their family of nine (9) lived in lived Plumb

Creek, Randolph Co, ILLINOIS,  "next door" to Margaret 's older brother William EDGAR with his family of  seven (7). Neither

of the EDGAR or LITTLE families were enumerated with slaves.

In the 1830 Census,  Margaret and Samuel and their family of  five (5), lived in Randolph County, ILLINOIS, a few "places"

from her nephew -- through her brother William -- Robert EDGAR. Neither of the families had slaves.

In the 1840 Censes of Randolph County, ILLINOIS, Margaret, Samuel and their family of four (4), had been joined in close

proximity by their son David LITTLE and his family of seven (7), and Margaret's nephews -- through her brother William --

Alexander John EDGAR and his family of eleven (11) and Robert M. EDGAR and his family of ten (10). None of the families

had slaves.

Addl. Sources:

The Reformed Presbyterian and Covenanter, Vol. 14, 1876; Minutes of the Reformed Presbytery

The Edgar Family By Thomas Delbert EDGAR, August 1931

• Sam HARROD's research at, Harrod-Stevenson-Hedden-Piper [S272]

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