To Everything A Season: Adam EDGAR and Mary [UNKNOWN] EDGAR Family

Sources and Genealogies

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Latest update: Saturday, November 19, 2011

• The Edgar Family by Thomas Delbert EDGAR

1931 Genealogy for first annual EDGAR reunion

1932 Booklet Version for second annual EDGAR reunion

1959 TORRENS Version

Research by William Melancthon GLASGOW

• BOOK: History Of The Reformed Presbyterian Church In America by GLASGOW;

• Research Notes: Pastor and Elder Roster

#13 Rocky Creek Church

#34 Galway and Broad Albin Church

#35 Duck River

#99 Old Bethel Church

Research on The Reformed Presbyterian Church (Covenanters)

1. History Of The Reformed Presbyterian Church In America, GLASGOW

2. The Reformed Presbyterian and Covenanter, Volume 14, No.1, 1876

• Article: Reminiscences of the Reformed Presbyterian Church in South Carolina

• Article: Sketch Of The Covenanters Of Rocky Creek, South Carolina About 1750-1840

• Article: Minutes of the Reformed Presbytery

3. The Reformed Presbyterian and Covenanter, Volume 15, No.1, 1877

4. Names In South Carolina, University of South Carolina

5. The Covenanters of Chester County, SC, By Maurice S. ULMER, 1997

6. The Covenanters of South Carolina, By Maurice S. ULMER, 1999

7. Associate Reformed Presbyterian: Early Associate Reformed Presbyterian Article by Robert Latham

[sic LATHAN], 1888

8. Bulletins of Chester District Genealogical Society, 1978, Volume 1, Numbers 1 - 4

9. PCA Historical Center

10. RootsWeb Archives

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