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Latest update: Monday, 23 April, 2007

Enter the Family Tree Database.

All family tree users must register and be approved before accessing detailed information about our family.

Enter the Family Tree (above) and choose "Register for a User Account" at the bottom of the first page. The more information

you share about yourself during registration, the more access you will have to the family tree. All genealogy researchers are

welcomed, but only verified family members will have access to information about living family members.

Family members, when you register remember to tell us where you sit in the family tree.

All registration information is kept private, is not shared, is only used for access to the Family Tree Database, and is secured in

a database behind an administrative user name and password. Please create a user name and password specifically for this

website, do not use critical or vital information in the user name or password, and please do not share your user name or

password with non-family members.

We value and protect the privacy of our family.