To Everything A Season: James EDGAR and Selah WITHERINGTON EDGAR Family

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TN Homestead Sale from William to James, 1818

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Adam EDGAR's eldest child William was about twenty years older than Adam's youngest child James.

Since James was about ten (10) years old when his father died about 1800, James was probably raised

in William's household. William and his family -- including James -- relocated from SOUTH CAROLINA to

TENNESSEE about 1805, and in October 1813 William bought land and settled on Leipers Creek [aka

Leeper's Creek, Leiper's Lick Creek] in far northwestern Maury County near the present community of

Fly. About five years later, William took his family further west to Randolph County, ILLINOIS.

However, before he left TENNESSEE, William sold property on Leipers Creek to his youngest brother James, his wife Selah

WITHERINGTON EDGAR and their firstborn Joseph Smith EDGAR. The land sale was executed on 11 March 1818 and

registered on 06 August 1818.

This sales document was contributed and transcribed by Robert Merritte WEBB, Adam's GGGG Grandson. Although this

document is probably part of other genealogy research, we believe this is its first presentation on the open Internet. Please

feel free to use the information on this webpage, but also please be respectful and feel obliged to link to this webpage and to

clearly identify it as a source.


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Leepers Lick Creek, Conveyed


Registered August 6th 1818

THIS DEBENTURE made this 11th day of March in the year of our Lord, eighteen hundred & eighteen [11 March 1818],

between William Edgar of the County of Lincoln and State of Tennessee, of the one part, and James Edgar of the County of

Maury and State aforesaid, of the other part,

WITNESSETH that the said William Edgar for the consideration of the sum of one hundred & forty dollars [$140] to him in hand

paid, at the sealing and delivery of these presents, the receipt whereof  The said William Edgar doth acknowledge himself

hereinto fully satisfied, contented & paid, hath bargained, sold & confirmed unto the said Jas Edgar, his heirs & assigns

forever, all that tract or parcel of Land whereon the said Wm Edgar formerly lived, and the said Jas Edgar is now living, (?)

lying in the aforesaid County of Maury first District, and on a branch of Leepers Lick Creek.  BEGINNING at a Beech, Ironwood

& Ash twelve poles West and Twelve poles North of the house where said James Edgar is now living … running thence South

eighty poles to a Beech & Dogwood … thence East sixty poles to a Beech, Hence North eighty poles to a Beech.  Thence West

to the beginning; containing thirty Acres, granted by the State of Tennessee to Wm Edgar by Grant No 5069 dated the

fourteenth day of October, One thousand eight hundred & thirteen [14 October 1813].

TO HAVE & TO HOLD the aforesaid Land, with all and singular the rights of profits, emoluments, hereditaments &

appurtenances, of and to the same belonging, or in any wise apportioning, to the only sole proper use, benefit & behoof of him

The said James Edgar, his heirs & assigns forever … and the said William Edgar doth covenant and agree to & with the said

James Edgar, his heirs or assigns, the before recited Land and bargained premises, he will warrant and forever defend,

against the right, title, interest or claim of any & every person or persons whatever.

IN WITNESS whereof the said William Edgar hath hereunto set his hand & seal the day and year above written.


William Edgar (Seal)

William Sherrod

Arthur Sherrod

On the back of the above Deed was written

State of Tennessee, Maury County, April Term 1818

This the written Deed of Conveyance was produced in open Court, and the execution thereof duly proved by the oaths of

William Sherrod and Arthur Sherrod, subscribing Witnesses thereto, and ordered to be certified for Registration.

Joseph B. Porter