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How much is a league and a labor of land?

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On this page: How much is a league and a labor of land?

Latest update: Tuesday, 21 November, 2006

• "A league of land equals 4,428 acres and a labor, 177 acres, combined they add up to 4,605 acres [19 km²]. This was the

amount of a headright (first-class) granted to "all persons except Africans and their descendants, and Indians, living in Texas

on the day of the Declaration of Independence… if they be heads of families… and if a single man, 17 years or older, one-third

league" (1,476 acres)."

The Star of the Republic Museum: The Historical Museum of the Texas Republic

•  The are a number of Spanish and Portuguese units of measurement of length or area that are now obsolete. They include

the vara, the cordel, the league and the labor. The units of area used to express the area of land are still encountered in some

transactions in land today... League (unit of area): A league can also be a unit of area, used to express the area of land, that is

equal to 25 million square varas. A (square) league is equivalent to about 4,428.4 acres. It was used in the archaic system of

old Spanish land grants affecting Texas and parts of adjoining states and this use of league is used throughout the Texas

Constitution. A common Texas land grant size, discussed in James Michener's Texas, was a "labor and a league": one labor

of good riparian land, and a (square) league of land away from the river.

Wikipedia: Obsolete Spanish and Portuguese units of measurement

• "The old Imperial Law offered heads of families a league and a labor of land, 4,605 acres (19 km²)"

Wikipedia: Stephen F Austin

Conflicting Sources:

• "a league and a labor of land (4,605 acres)" source: The Texas Handbook Online

"A league of land contains four thousand, four hundred and forty acres [4,440]" source: Welcome to Industry Texas

• "league of land, or 4228 acres" source: South Lamar Neighborhood Association

•  "a league, 4,428 acres" sources: LoneStar Genealogy