To Everything A Season: EDGAR Family Cemetery, DeWitt Co., TX

East Fence

11 Apr 2015

Joel JACKSON, Dwayne KNOX, Susan JACKSON, Fay


Taken by Bob WEBB, 11Apr15

Fay, Dwayne, Joel, Susan

11 Apr 15

Karan GOLDSMITH CALLAWAY laying a rose at

the gravestone of Hadley EDGAR, who only lived

for five months.

11 Apr 15

Dwayne KNOX, Joel JACKSON, 



11 Apr 2015

Joel’s weed killer rig.

22 Apr 2015

Spraying "supervisor," Susan JACKSON

22 Apr 2015

Cemetery after heavy cleaning.

09 Apr 2015

Cemetery after heavy cleaning.

09 Apr 2015

Final step of burning.

09 Apr 2015

Joel's  front end loader lifting debris to stack for burning,

and Joel's great dog, Andrew .

08 Apr 15

Overgrown before Decoration Day.

08 Apr 2015

Overgrown before Decoration Day.

08 Apr 2015

DECORATION DAY and Events: April 2015

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Latest update: Saturday, 25 April, 2015

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Join us 10, 11 and 12 April, 2015 for

Decoration Day Events

for the EDGAR Family Cemetery of DeWitt Co, TEXAS.

Anyone interested in attending any event should

contact Bob WEBB

(one of James’ and Selah’s GGG-Grandsons).


We had a short window between rain storms, so we had a brief but

enjoyable visit to the cemetery this morning. In attendance were Dwayne

KNOX (EDGARs) and Fay KNOX, Joel JACKSON (MAHLERs) and Susan



Special thanks to Joel JACKSON, the property owner and MAHLER

descendant. Along with the Garcia's Lawn and Garden crew, remunerated

by Bob WEBB, Joel did the heavy cleaning for this year’s Decoration Day.

The cemetery had not been cleared since April 2013, and Joel and crew

worked long and tirelessly getting the cemetery ready for the Decoration

Day visitation even though weather was variable, and we were unsure if we

were even going to be able to visit. In addition, Joel and Susan did a major

weed killer application several days after the visitation. (Before and after



Updates about

Decoration Day 2015, the EFCA,

and other information

about the cemetery can be found

on this website, so bookmark and visit often.

(Other EDGAR Events)

Decoration Day at the EDGAR Family Cemetery is a three-

day celebration in 2015. Attend any or all of the events and

activities. All descendants of those buried in the EDGAR

Family Cemetery are welcomed. Of course, any other

EDGAR relatives, extended family members, and/or

interested friends are invited, too.

RESCHEDULED: Thursday, 09 April, 2015 Gathering in

League City, TEXAS

The gathering to have been hosted by EDGAR descendant, Bob Webb and

his wife, Jane, the afternoon and evening of Thursday, Apr 9th at their

home in League City, TX will be rescheduled.  Several of the expected

attendees were not going to be able to attend the event as scheduled. And,

it became apparent that for some others, who also were planning to attend

the cemetery-related gathering, there were logistical and schedule

complications in trying to attend both.

Friday, 10 April, 2015 Gathering in Victoria, TEXAS

Hosted by EDGAR descendant, Bob WEBB and his wife, Jane the afternoon

and evening of Friday, April 10th, join us in the breakfast room of the

Fairfield Inn, Victoria, TEXAS.  Group order(s) may be placed that evening

for local delivery of pizza, salad, etc. Renew old acquaintances and meet

new cousins and friends, and hear the latest information about our EDGAR

family history. Bob will discuss and demonstrate several updated EDGAR

family history websites including the following four.

• To Everything A Season – Adam and Mary EDGAR

• To Everything A Season – James and Selah EDGAR

• To Everything A Season – EDGAR Family Cemetery

• To Everything A Season – Family Tree Database

Please RSVP.

Saturday, 11 April, 2015 Decoration Day at the EDGAR

Family Cemetery

The next day, Saturday, April 11th, Bob will lead guided tours of the old

EDGAR Family Cemetery located on private property in DeWitt County,

TEXAS between Yoakum and Cuero.  At noon, there will be a brief Sons of

Confederate Veterans ceremony in recognition of George D. BELL, whose

grave is in the EDGAR Family Cemetery.  [Cancelled]

Please note that this cemetery visitation will be very weather dependent.

Unless the surrounding land is relatively dry (there is no road to cemetery)

and the creek that must be crossed is relatively low (there is no bridge), the

visitation to the cemetery cannot occur.

•  Please RSVP.

Directions and Parking

Article in Victoria Advocate

Visit, Planning, Suggestions, and Objectives

Sunday, 12 April, 2015 Thomaston Cemetery and

Hillside Cemetary

On Sunday, April 12th, Bob will lead guided tours of EDGAR and some

related family members’ graves in

the Thomaston Cemetery in Thomaston, DeWitt Co, TEXAS (Family

Tree Database)


the Hillside Cemetery in Cuero, DeWitt Co, TEXAS, (Family Tree


if there is interest in either or both of those tours, neither of which will be as

weather dependent.

Please RSVP for for specific details and updates about schedules and

meeting locations.

[end page]