To Everything A Season: James EDGAR and Selah WITHERINGTON EDGAR Family

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1898 Edgar Reunion

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Reunion 27 August 1898 of six of nine EDGAR brothers

born to James S. EDGAR and Selah WITHERINGTON EDGAR

[Hardcopy Cover Page by Robert Merritte WEBB]

Cuero Record [Newspaper], 28 Aug 1898:

"Yesterday the six Edgar brothers, who came to Texas together in 1853 met at the original home of the family when they first

landed in Texas, now owned by Dock Edgar, some few miles north of this city.

"The six brothers, their residence and ages are given below:

John, the eldest, 79 years old, lives in Karnes County; Hyman the next to the youngest, 68 years old, lives in Tom Green

County, while Henry, 77 years, Doc, 73 years, Joshua, 71 years and Frank, 63 years, all reside in De Witt County.

"The brotherhood has established a name in this section of Texas that their ancestry can point to with pride for the ages to

come and their reputation for truth, veracity and honest dealing has ever been the highest.

"This reunion was a noble meet of a noble family and will live fresh in the memory of the last one of the Edgars to their dying


"Besides the brothers at the reunion and dinner yesterday, Mrs. James [sic, Lem]  Bachelor [Nancy Jane EDGAR], Mrs. Joe

Brown [Tennessee Alabama EDGAR], and Darden Edgar [William James Darden EDGAR], who were children at the time and

came to Texas with the party, were present, and, by special invitation and insistence, John Edgar and Henry Edgar [Henry

Brown EDGAR] (our district clerk) were of the party and enjoyed the gathering as much as the others, and Henry says the

sight of those old fellows enjoying themselves as they did was one of the sweetest feelings he ever experienced."


"I found this article in the Victoria Crossroads Qtrly." Article submitted by Yvonne ROSS, Sunday 09 July 2006 in email to David



"This photo is a photocopy my granduncle, James D. Edgar (in Albertville, AL) had.  I am searching for who may have an

original, or at least an original copy. The caption says it was taken in 1880... and identifies the "distinguished subjects" as, left

to right, as: James D. Edgar, Hyman T. Edgar, John Edgar, Henry E. Edgar, Joshua N. Edgar, Benjamin Franklin Washington

Edgar (the bachelor). " Photo submitted by Robert Merritte WEBB, 22 June 2006