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MSM Edgar [Mary Susan Margareth NYEGAARD EDGAR] was delivered of a boy Feb 2nd 1890. Her boy only lived two hours.

MSM was very sick being six hours in labor - - -

June 17th 1890 Rachel Rebecca was badly scalded with water from wash pot.

On Sept 1st 1891 WJD [William James Darden EDGAR]  was taken sick and confined to his bed from 7th to 25th with slow

remitant [sic] fever bordering on Typhoid.

MSM [Mary Susan Margareth NYEGAARD EDGAR] was blessed with a fine Daughter Dec 6th at 9AM, 1893, and named her

Martha May -- Martha May was taken sick Mch [March] 16th 1894 with La grippe - but with the aid of WW White MD &

McGhee MD with devine [sic] Providence after 25 days between life & death she recovered -

MSM [Mary Susan Margareth NYEGAARD EDGAR] was blessed with a son Feb 21st at 2 AM 1897 and named him John

Henry in DeWitt Co

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