To Everything A Season: EDGARs in Hillside Cemetery, Cuero, DeWitt Co, TX

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Latest update: Monday, 23 April, 2007

"The Directions Map shows the easiest and clearest way to get to the

cemetery.  Off US 87 S, headed southeast out of Cuero, there is a clear sign

for Park Heights Drive on the left.  Cuero High School tennis courts are on

the left just before the sign.  Turn left there, proceed ahead for about 0.20

miles on Park Heights Drive, then turn left on E. Sarah Street. The cemetery

will be in full view. There is a back gate right there, which I entered Saturday


"The main gate can be reached by staying on E. Sarah Street until it

intersects N. Valley Street.  After a right turn on N. Valley Street and about

one block ahead will be the main gate of the cemetery, on the right.

"A slightly shorter and more direct route (although not as clearly marked)

would be to turn onto N. Valley Street off of US 87 S.  I exited that way and

was concerned that it is so poorly marked it could be difficult for someone to

find.  The Park Heights Drive route is very easy to find." Robert Webb, July